To comply with legal legislation, labor laws, environmental regulations and international conditions, to constantly monitor its effectiveness. To ensure that production methods are changed and improved in order to carry out production in a shorter time, in greater quantities and to reduce costs. To provide high quality services to our customers by using our resources efficiently in line with customer demands and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. To ensure the continuity and improvement of the system by managing our quality management system in line with processes and targets, and to maintain the system with the participation of our customers, suppliers and all our employees. To equip itself to respond to the changing world conditions and to develop it continuously. To ensure continuous development with trainings depending on the quality management system. To meet customer needs and expectations in a complete, timely and continuous manner. With this awareness, we undertake to comply with the IATF 16949 quality management system requirements, to implement them effectively and to continuously improve and develop them.


As Baltech Automotive, we consider adhering to local and international business ethics principles in all our business processes and relationships as a prerequisite and one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Business ethics encompasses the set of moral principles that we put forward to guide our behavior in our business world. We strictly comply with all laws and regulations. We keep up to date with new laws, regulations and legislation. All our activities; It is carried out on the basis of legal regulations, articles of association, internal regulations and corporate policies. Unregistered activities are not allowed. Accuracy and consistency of business records is essential. All of our employees fulfill their responsibilities for the protection and development of corporate image and reputation and take care to keep their personal behaviors within the legal and general moral rules. As Baltech Automotive employees, we are all responsible for complying with our ethical policy, all laws and regulations, and all instructions, procedures and regulations prepared by our company. We communicate openly and honestly. The principles of honesty, trust, consistency, professionalism and respect for mutual interests are observed with customers, suppliers and all persons and institutions with whom business relations are entered. We treat each other equally and fairly. Mutual respect, trust and cooperation among employees are essential. Not with our emotions; We act with our minds, being aware of the importance of our work and our responsibility of trust. We always keep the safety, reliability and quality of our products at the highest value. Superior quality is targeted in services and products; customer needs and expectations are fully met. Whatever the cost, quality is never compromised. By paying maximum attention to company expenditures, we act with savings and cost awareness.

We will fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System (IATF 16949) established in Baltech Automotive, that we will be held accountable for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, and that we will be held accountable for any stage, situation, etc. cases, we are responsible

- We will work with systematic processes to achieve the intended outputs of the Quality Management System and we will take all necessary measures to achieve the intended outputs,

- Our Quality Policies and Objectives created while applying Quality Management Systems will be compatible with our company's internal and external contexts,

- We will ensure that customer and legal regulations are determined, understood and regularly met in all our processes,

- We will manage all risks and opportunities that may affect the suitability of products and services, establish the necessary level of systems to increase customer satisfaction and ensure that adequately qualified personnel are assigned,

- We will focus on increasing customer satisfaction and ensure the continuity of this focus,

- We will recruit, direct and support people who will contribute to the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,

- In areas where the Quality Management System is applicable, we will carry out the Management Systems as Quality in one-to-one harmony with our production, maintenance and administrative works,

- We will adopt a risk-based process approach in all of our production, maintenance and administrative processes that we define within the scope of Quality Management Systems,

- We will provide all the necessary resources in the implementation stages of the Quality Management Systems to the extent of our possibilities,

- We will implement the Quality Management Systems effectively in all of the production, maintenance and administrative processes and ensure the IATF 16949 requirements of the applied Management Systems,

- We will encourage effective participation in all departments where the Quality Management System is implemented in order for the Quality Management System to be carried out effectively, and that we will support and guide these people,

- Even if the intended outputs in the Quality Management System are achieved, we will adopt continuous improvement in all of the outputs, processes and processes,

- Managers, Engineers, Experts, etc. in the lower positions. we will support all managerial personnel to lead their subordinates,

- We will determine and implement corporate liability policies, including anti-bribery policy, employee professional ethics and ethical escalation policy,

- As Senior Management; We will evaluate, improve and review the effectiveness and efficiency of product realization and support processes,

- We will take the necessary measures to prevent work-related injuries and occupational disability and provide a healthy and safe work environment for this,

- We will support employees to make accident, risk and near-miss notifications, and we will also include these issues in trainings to make employees understand the importance of proactive approaches,

We will fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System (IATF 16949) established in Baltech Automotive, that we will be held accountable for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, that we will be held accountable for any stage, situation, etc. cases, we are responsible

- We will assume overall responsibility and accountability for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health, as well as the provision of safe and healthy workplaces and activities,

- We will protect employees from retaliation when reporting incidents, dangers, risks and opportunities,

- We will ensure that our organization creates and implements the process(s) for consultation and employee participation,

- We will support the establishment and activity of health and safety committees,

- No one will be employed against their own will,

- We will give equal opportunities to our employees and treat them equally during the recruitment phase and during employment,

- We will ensure that employees can make complaints about acceptable treatment and unacceptable treatment without fear of retaliation,

- We will observe fair payment, compliance with legal minimum wages, respectively,

- Employees have the right to form an association, in particular the right to form representation (where permitted by law) and have no preferences or distinctions from workers' organizations or trade unions,

We declare and commit.

At Baltech Automotive, he carries out the sales and after-sales services of his products and services together with the teams he has formed. Baltech Automotive senior management ensures the determination and fulfillment of customer requirements with the following methods for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction;

a) ensuring that customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements are identified, understood and consistently met,

b) identifying and addressing risks and opportunities that may affect the suitability of products and services and their ability to increase customer satisfaction (SWOT Analysis)

c) By maintaining the focus on improving customer satisfaction.