Temperature Switches

Temperature switches mounted on the cooling system and used to open and close switch contacts, operating with the temperature variations.

Alarm temperature switches  

  • İnforms the driver of a wrong engine temperature and send the driver a signal through the dashboard.

Fan temperature switches

  • Connect and disconnect the radiator fan by monitoring engine operating temperature and help achieving the optimum engine performance. 

Failure Causes:

  • Overheated sensor
  • Cracks or deformations, excessive mechanical stress.
  • Leaks, bad connnection to the cooling circuit.
  • No signal, must check the wire failure and excessive vibration before changing the sensor.

Signs Of Failure:

  • Overheating or power loss.
  • Engine warning light check.
  • Increased emission.
  • Difficulties when starting the engine.
  • High fuel consumption.

Baltech Switches