Plunger Limit Switches:

General purpose of a plunger switch is activate or deactivate power to machinery when travel limits have been exceeded to keep people and equipment safe from malfunctioning machinery.

Plunger switches operate with physical force. When the actuator is pressed, it opens or closes the electrical circuit turning the device which is powered on or off. Baltech plunger switches are extremely shock, vibration and temperature resistant and are designed to use both vertical and angular actuation. We offer a wide variety of plunger configuration options depending on your requests.

Position Switch:

Baltech also offers high precision position sensor based on plunger switch.

  • 3D measurement of the magnetic field change
  • At least 1 million switching cycles
  • High vibration and temperature resistant
  • Design according to specific customer requierements
  • Reed contact technology
  • NC and NO Versions
  • Various options for plunger travel
  • DIN connector, round pin or wire connections
  • Housing options in brass, hardened steel and stainless steel
  • Can be modified according to requirements

Baltech Switches